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Deliver a Happy New Year - Address Improved Performance in 2018 - Facilitated WorkOut
Deliver a Happy New Year - Address Improved Performance in 2018 - Facilitated WorkOut
In business, everyone is hoping economic and business conditions will further improve in 2018 leading to improved profits, increased employment and steady growth. So far the opposite appears to be the only prospect.

In sport many governing bodies will face with demands for improved performance on and off the 'pitch' with funding constrained in line with government policy, though recent awards to high performance sport are promising. For many this will represent the first time since the introduction of the National Lottery that government funding has been reduced, and jobs have had to go. Duty of care and further demands for greater equity will add to the pressure.

Local authorities will face even deeper cuts in their budgets and service programmes, especially in Scotland where the government play catch-up for cuts made earlier in the rest of the UK.

Renaissance facilitated WorkOut sessions provide the ideal platform for executive teams to debrief recent performance and plan with confidence for the future.

The problem is that continued growth is far from certain, and at best is likely to be low (less than 2%). The consensus is that the UK and most other economies (apart from the Far East)ill continue to struggle over the next 2-3 years given limited investment in the private sector and cuts in government expenditure following the general election. The Irish economy is just beginning to recover from its free-fall, having taken the required medicine - in recognition of the bail-out. 

The key challenge for leaders as we approach the new year is to develop a plan which is both realistic, given the prevailing economic headwinds, and also ambitious enough to motivate people and provide a healthy degree of performance pressure. 

Our focus with clients is optimising performance using the three levers of plan, people and environment. We work closely with the senior management teams to analyse the strategic position and performance system in their business and identify the actions required to deliver strategic goals. We apply a range of proprietary techniques and benchmark data on high performance organisations to support the team in building a strategy, business plan and execution framework that they feel confident about and that meets the needs of all stakeholders.

If you are about to create your business plan for 2017 and beyond, or if you have already done this but would like to compare your business to a high performance organisation, then consider spending half a day with one of our Directors, without charge or obligation, to explore how the Renaissance & Co FocusTM Framework and performance model can improve the performance of your enterprise and enjoy a professionally facilitated planning discussion with your senior management team.

Please contact Alistair Gray to discuss your requirements and book a WorkOut session. 

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