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Commonwealth Games - 2020 Vision - Gone?
Commonwealth Games - 2020 Vision - Gone?

The Commonwealth Games faces a real ‘tipping point’ in its 80 year history, caused by external factors and trends rather than just the performance as an event. The time is right for the CGF to face reality and act. A new model is required for a new era and the nations of the Commonwealth should be engaged in coming up with the grand design for 2018 and beyond.  

The world will not wait and any such planning must be done against a number of potentially divergent scenarios based on world economic and political trends and changes in the politics and commercial state of major sports. One scenario for consideration should even be the disappearance of the Commonwealth itself.

Perhaps there is a real role for a new-age Commonwealth Competition at a time of geo-political turmoil and uncertainty across the world. As an event it should be about uniting the nations of the Commonwealth behind some rich common purpose. Perhaps the days of a sporting-only Commonwealth Games are over, but there is room for a Commonwealth-wide competition encompassing a range of sporting and cultural activities, which celebrates both the diversity of its global members and the common values that unite them.

Whatever the likely future the CGF needs to act now to face the current reality, reflect on their proud past and develop a range of options across a number of scenarios, then craft a strategy for the future. The nations and athletes of the Commonwealth surely deserve greater leadership as never before. Otherwise the Games as we know them will be consigned to history.

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