"Clear vision is an essential of effective strategies and that vision has to be inspiring both for those who are responsible for the production of the strategy and those implicated in its implementation."
Brian Porteous
Renaissance Associate/ Director - Porteous Leisure
Brian Porteous FISPAL, was a director with Genesis for over 9 years. Brian’s experience covers over 30 years working with a governing body of sport, the Scottish Sports Council where he became Director of Operations and with Glasgow City Council as Deputy Director before joining Genesis in 2001.

During his career with Genesis he led a number of major projects which have helped transform the performance of a number of organisations in the culture, sport and leisure market. Over most of these years he has supported the strategic planning for sport and leisure in the City of Edinburgh. He was responsible for the early legacy planning for London Development Agency relating to the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

In Glasgow Brian had lead client responsibility through a period when the city revolutionised its sports facilities and made sport a central aspect of its approach to regeneration. He also had wider responsibilities as Deputy Director of Cultural and Leisure Services in bringing together the sports, libraries, performing arts and museums and galleries services into one major integrated department in Glasgow.

In consultancy, Brian has worked with a wide range of local authorities, major sports and government agencies to develop effective and practical strategies for future developments. Amongst many interesting projects, Brian led the review of the performance of the Irish Rugby team at the 2007 World Cup and claims personal responsibility for the Irish Grand Slam victory in 2009!

In addition to his consulting work he is training to be a Reader in the Church of Scotland, and is a director of Scottish Cycling, and Vice President of the International Orienteering Federation. He is a keen but poor golfer and an enthusiastic tenor!

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