case studies
Successful New Product Development
Location: Scotland

Our client was a newly formed business division of a major international food group. The new company was experiencing difficulties with its new product development process in terms of resource bottlenecks, projects being stalled, failed initiatives, and no successfully commercialised products in market.

pmpgenesis carried out a comprehensive diagnostic of the product development process to identify the precise nature of the problems and root causes. This revealed weaknesses in process design and governance, dysfunctional leadership and management behaviours, lack of clarity about overall business strategy and the absence of an accepted system of performance measures for the new business unit.

Our consultants worked closely with the business unit leaders and key staff to design process solutions to these issues. The changes that were specified and implemented led to an immediate improvement in new product development productivity including the successful launch of two new products within the next six months. Our client’s portfolio of projects was significantly reduced and focused and the business unit is now performing extremely well and has been highlighted to investors as a key growth prospect of the company.

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