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Advising the Football Association of Ireland (FAI)
Advising the Football Association of Ireland (FAI)
Client: Football Association of Ireland
Location: Ireland
Our consultants worked closely with the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) over the last seven years to transform many aspects of their operations on and off the field. The initial engagement was to undertake a review of how well the FAI supported their international teams, following the widely publicised criticism of the Association after Roy Keane’s early departure from the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

Subsequently we have undertaken a number of strategic reviews including:
  • Review of the Eircom League
  • Review of School Aged football
  • Review of the Amateur Game
  • Performance Strategy.
The latter was particularly innovative with the appointment of a full-time Performance Director for the first time in a national football association

Our review identified a number of key weaknesses in the FAI’s overall leadership and management of their international teams and also highlighted a number of areas where their performance as a national governing body of sport might be improved.

Since 2002 we have supported the FAI in their process of change to a position where they are now recognised by UEFA as one of the leading football nations in Europe for their leadership and governance and the way in which they have addressed a number of major issues. Our work with the FAI includes major reviews of the Eircom League - the premier club league in Ireland, the amateur game in Ireland and school-aged football in Ireland.


In addition we prepared, with the FAI, a Performance Strategy to assure the continued development of future international standard footballers. This innovative strategy resulted in the appointment of a Performance Director for Irish football, one of the first of its kind in football. This appointment and the establishment of a new structure of regional academies puts Ireland at the forefront of other smaller football nations. We continue to work in close partnership with the FAI on a number of their strategic initiatives; this includes a major review of the FAI’s organisation covering professional staff and the volunteer leadership of the sport.

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