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Scenario Thinking at ScottishPower plc
Scenario Thinking at ScottishPower plc
Client: ScottishPower PLC
Location: All
ScottishPower is a major fully integrated electricity utility. Historically generation was based on fossil fuel fired power stations, backed up with hydro electric and nuclear power plants. Scenario thinking enabled them to decide on the future of generation and their strategy towards new technologies such as fuel cells.

The Challenge

ScottishPower is a world leading utility organisation with operations in the UK,Continental Europe and the USA.

Profits andgrowth of all utilities are under increasing pressure from competitive andregulatory sources, making the future uncertain for power operations. Whichmode of generation will deliver future advantage and is there a threat fromfuel cells, the exciting new power source? Recent research indicatedconflicting and divergent future prospects.

Our Approach

A team ofScottishPower executives, along with some external specialists supported byGenesis, created and explored a number of alternative futures. By ‘living inthese futures’ the team developed a creative range of options for the future,as well as testing the current strategic direction of the utility.

The Outcome

The resultis a better informed and changed strategic direction, with an enhanced abilityto anticipate and react with confidence to future changes in the externalenvironment.

“ScottishPowersucceeded in anticipating future market changes in time to tailor effectivelyits strategic plans for power generation”

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