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Transformation at UPM Kymmene - the world leading papermaker
Transformation at UPM Kymmene - the world leading papermaker
Client: UPM Kymmene
Location: International
Our  consultants worked with UPM Kymmene over a decade to transform the performance of a number of their mills and operating divisions. Originally facilitating the 'Kymmene Means Business' programme prior to merger with UPM, our work across the newsprint and magazine papers division enabled the management teams to make a step change in their performance in one of the most competitive global industries.

Among the many projects completed over a ten-year relationship are:
  • Strategy for Caledonian Paper - 'Making Money not just Paper' - the executive of this previously loss-making mill focused on the light weight coated paper segment of the magazine paper market globally. This coupled with a new approach to customer service and client management transformed the performance of one of UPM Kymmene's most important production units
  • Kymmene Means Business - we designed and facilitated a major change process with Kymmene's senior executive team. Working in Finland and across Europe we led a number of work groups (cross function/location) in a process of change to create a setp change in performance
  • UPM Kymmene USA - we worked with the sales organisation of UPM Kymmene's US division to achieve a $1m profit turnaround through refocusing of the sales force activity and performance.
  • Planning in Magazine Papers - we established a new planning system in UPM Kymmene's most successful division, that enabled profits to be increased through a more strategic focus across European markets
  • Tilhill Forest Products - UPM Kymmene acquired Tilhill one of the largest and most successful forest management companies in the UK. Our role was to work with the senor management team to integrate the business into UPM Kymmene and its overall forest strategy.
  • UPM Kymmene UK - we designed and facilitated the strategy for UPM Kymmene's UK business, especially focusing on the performance of the UK Sales Force, resulting in improved sales and contribution in an ever challenging market.
  • UPM Kymmene UK Forestry Strategy - the two dominant mills in the UK were Caledonian Paper (Magazine Papers) and Shotton (Newsprint). Both had different forestry strategies for the procurement of wood supplies. We worked with the leadership of both Mills to produce an integrated strategy reducing the overall cost of wood procurement significantly without affecting supply continuity.

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